Highlights of the fruit market: september

Highlights of the fruit market: september



I .Cherry Market

Cherry growers had to deal with frost and rain damage in the spring, which took its toll on this year’s production.
Poland lutovkas cherry production was less than last year and crop conditions where difficult due to extreme hot temperatures. Prices rose considerably this year for 1st quality.
Pandi cherries crop from  Hungary are not available anymore. There was 50 % less production and market is sold out.

II. Raspberry market
Raspberry crop in Serbia was excellent in quality for both willemetta and meeker variety. Due to warm temperatures during the day and light rain at night. However  there is less quantity  of whole raspberry then last year. There is no stock of crumble of last year and the new crop high quality gives less crumble; this means that availability is difficult of willemetta crumble and prices are high.
In Poland there was a lesser crop of summer varieties and there is crumble stock available.

III. Apple market

The new apple season has not yet started in the northern hemisphere, but the market is already under pressure. The total stock of apples in Europe stood at 1,561,430 tons (WAPA) on May 1 this year, the highest figure in more than 10 years. Nevertheless, the sales and price rates vary per variety. The demand for certain club varieties is particularly good. In Europe, exports from the southern hemisphere have declined due to overproduction, and those shipments have been finding their way mainly to Asia. The price for apples in China is rising as a direct consequence of the trade war with the US.
Italy, important country for frozen apples granny smith and jonagold :
The Italian stock of apples currently is the largest one in more than ten years. Just like in the rest of Europe, the apple market is still under pressure in Italy. At the moment, the weather in Italy is generally good.but a fall in the production in is to be expected. However, the impact of the temperature drops on the quality of apples remains to be seen.
Poland: Frost damage reduces harvest by  40 - 85%
In Poland, the situation of the apples from the new season has so far been dramatic. Severe frost following a period of dry weather did no good to the fruit. Damage claims vary per region. With regard to the volume in stock: on May 1 it stood at 405,000 tons, which is more than the average for this period, compared to previous years.

IV Stone fruit market

Spain continued to increase its stone fruit volumes and thus dominates the market in Europe. There was a good harvest in Greece, with rising export volumes to Europe and the Middle East.
In Italy, the season has been more dramatic for apricots and nectarines due to heavy rainfall, which has caused a lot of the harvest to be lost.