The known commercial raspberry (Rubus sp.) originates from a crossing between the European red raspberry (R. idaeus) and the American red raspberry (R. strigosus). Raspberry have a remarkable high fibre content (up to 6%) and are rich in vitamin C and manganese. The fruits have beside that a low sugar content (4%) and contains no starch.

The countries with greatest importance in the production of strawberry are Russia, Poland, United States and Serbia. Our raspberries are coming from Serbia (Meecker, Willamette), Chile (Heritage), Poland (Polana) and China (Tulameen).

Meecker is a smaller raspberry, it is particular suitable for pastry because of its firm texture and very limited juice loss. Heritage has a more pointed and bigger fruit and is also suitable as a topping. Willamette is normally priced lower, like Polana, and are normally used processed in for example yoghurt.

Packaging formats

  • 4 x 2.5kg/cardboard box
  • 1 x 10kg/cardboard box