The strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) as we know, was for the first time cultivated in 1750 via a crossing of the North American strawberry (F. virginiana) and of the Chilean strawberry (F. chiloensis).

The countries of major importance in the production of strawberries are United States, Turkey, Spain en Egypt. The variety Camarossa in our assortment find its origin in Spain, Morocco, South America (Peru, Chile) and Egypt; Senga sengana in Poland; and American 13 in China.

The first two varieties are the most important ones. Camarossa has a more longer and more pointed fruit with a slighter lighter colour. The taste is less sweet than Senga sengana, but has as advantage that is leaks less juice. This juice loss when defrosting can be diminished by coating a strawberry piece with starch. Senga sengana has a better aroma, but a softer texture.

Beside the cultivated strawberries, there are also some wild strawberries (F. vesca) from Turkey and Poland, this strawberries are smaller and have a different aroma.

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