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Fruit Layer offers a wide range of fruit products from around the world.
Our customers are active in different sectors all using fruits, fruitpuree, fruitcoulis or syrups. As well an industrial bakery as a local bartender can find interesting products in our range!

NEW! Santana apples now available at OKAY!

The Santana apple is a delicious, crunchy and hypoallergenic apple that gives people with mild apple allergy the opportunity to eat a healthy, delicious apple without complaints. The apple is less susceptible to diseases and pests. The apple is a cross between Elstar and Priscilla. The apple has a fresh sour and aromatic taste.

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Fruit Layer offers a range of 100% top quality natural fruits from around the world. Our target market is all those manufacturers who layer fruit in their food to enrich the food experience of their final product.

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