Newsletter July

Crop of red fruits from East-Europe This time of year is important for red fruits harvested in Eastern Europe countries like Poland, Serbia and Hungary. Due to weather conditions especially cherries, currants, strawberries and raspberries seems to be heading a difficult year. The quantities will be lower than usual resulting in high prices. Serbia for example is one of the leading countries in harvesting raspberries and the situation is very unstable at the moment.  Cherries from Poland are estimated to become approx. 15% more expensive and in Hungary they expect to have 40% less fruit that can be harvested due…

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Newsletter July

Who is Fruitlayer

We are a young organisation specialising in sourcing, producing and supplying fruit ingredients.

Our team has years of experience in supplying large and small food and foodservice manufacturers and a long track in creating, manufacturing and marketing of succesfull innovative food ingredients. Fruitlayers focus today on Individual frozen fruit (IQF). Here we can offer a range of 100% top quality natural fruits from around the world. Our target market is all those manufacturers who layer fruit in their food to enrich the food experience of their final product.

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