Frozen fruitpuree

Fruit Layer offers a range of fruitpuree, divided in frozen fruitpuree and chilled or ambient fruitpuree.

In total we have around 30 flavours. The fruitpuree packed in 1 kg is standard with 10% sugar, but the most popular varieties as well as all purees based on citric fruits comes as 100% fruit as well.

The fruits used in our fruitpuree are strongly selected. We do visits all year round to make sure we can deliver a high quality standard and product.

Fruitpuree in 1 kg are firmly packed 6 x 1 kg in a box with label. Shelf life of our frozen fruitpuree is 3 years maximum after production.

Chilled (ambient) fruitpuree

For the chilled (ambient) puree we have a range of 9 available flavours:

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Mango
  • Passion fruit
  • Banana
  • Blueberry
  • White peach
  • Melon Cantaloupe
  • Red berries


Our fruitpuree has the same target of customers, so the baker or pastry specialist, the ice cream producer, the bars making tasty cocktails or mocktails, restaurants creating a finishing touch or a fruity mousse, etc. The options are endless.

For fruitpuree we can do ‘private label’ for smaller quantities as for IQF fruits, making it more commercially seen interesting for a wider range of potential customers.


Frozen fruitpuree is available in 1 kg and 10 kg packaging. For both packagings we offer a wide range of flavours: strawberry, raspberry, mango, passion fruit, coconut, lemon, cherry, …

10 kg packaging can be a bag in box or buckets with lids. Standard they come as 100% fruit as more industrial customers prefer to add sugar by themselves. Our chilled (ambient) purees are packed in doypacks with pouring spout for easy use. After opening they can be kept up to 4 days in the frigde. Chilled they have a shelf life of 12 months, ambient we advise our customers to use them within 6 months.


This range is coming as 100% fruits so without added sugars and have also the best available fruits as ingredients.


Download our original Fruit Layer recipes. Each recipe has a detailed description and instructions included and a list of the used Fruit Layer fruitpurees.

Banana and mango religieuse
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Rhubarb tartelette
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Raspberry and vanilla tartelette
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Sakura tartelette
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Strawberry and white chocolate swirl
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