IQF Fruits

A wide range of frozen fruit

Fruit Layer offers our customers a wide range of frozen fruits sourced from everywhere in the world. At first, we speciliazed in red berries but soon we also sourced exotic fruits.  We now deliver:

  • Strawberries: several varieties as Camarossa, Festival, Senga Sengana,… calibrated and uncalibrated with origins Egypt, Serbia, Poland,…
  • Raspberries: most popular varieties: Meeker, Willamette, Polka Polana (origin: Serbia and Poland)
  • Berrymixes with 3, 5 or 6 different fruits. We can make almost any mix to the customer’s request.
  • Wild blueberries: first class wild blueberries from Ukrain
  • Sour cherry: variety Oblacinska and Lutovka. We sell sour cherries with and without stone.
  • Currants: red currants and black currants

We are also your best partner for rhubarb, gooseberry, blackberry, elderberry,…

Exotic fruits

We are also your best partner for rhubarb, gooseberry, blackberry, elderberry,…For exotic fruits we can provide also the most available items used by our customers:

  • Mango: mostly variety Alphonso from India, but also mango from Peru (Totapuri – Kent).
  • Pineapple: origin Middle-America, variety: MD2 available in chunks or cubes
  • Kiwi dices, pomegranate kernells, papaya cubes, melon balls Cantaloupe, …are just a few other fruits available in our exotic range.


IQF fruits are used by anyone who uses it in his dishes or bakery products. We deliver industrial bakeries, ice cream manufacturers, juice or jam producers, distributors for bakery products, food distributors in general. The final customer is the baker, hotel, restaurant, bar,…

They are used for decorating pastry products, to make nice coloured puree,  for mousses, to flather up a dish…

Private labels are possible, mostly depending on the order quantities.


Our fruits are available in several packagings from small standing pouches until big paper bags.  Depending on the fruit and the quantity we can offer 300 to 500g pouches or boxes, 1 and 2,5 kg bags, 10 kg boxes and 25 kg paper bags.


All of our partners for fruits are strongly selected and screened. All of them have at least BRC or IFS certification. We have also solutions for customers looking for Halal, Kosher, Global Gap, etc.