Raspberries are also difficult in 2022.

The crop of raspberries seems to be every year more and more complicated which of course result in higher prices.

In 2021, the demand for fresh market is very high in East-Europe as well and the available quantities are low. There is not much space for frozen raspberries. Especially frozen raspberries from Poland and Serbia are difficult to find. The industry is looking for alternative varieties and countries to source from.

It’s the first time that Fruit Layer is offering it’s customers raspberries from Bulgaria, and more specifically the Heritage variety. Prices for these raspberries are lower as the traditional Polana (from Poland) or Willamette (from Serbia) variety. On the other hand, the available quantities are not as high as in the other countries as cultivation of raspberries happens in Bulgaria on a smaller scale. 

Reason for the low quanitites of raspberries in Poland or Serbia are late hailstorms which were destroying a part of this fragile fruits.